WELLNESS to fall in love with

SPA FX Mayr Health Center
Wellbeing in pure culture

Let your entire face glow. Pleasure for skin and hair. Promote detoxification in relaxation. Let go. Blossom.

Pamper yourself in our wellness area in every form possible. Discover relaxation and gentle movement in our various saunas, the swimming pool and fitness studio. First-class beauticians offer a variety of body and facial treatments which not only beautify but also promote detoxification during the treatment.

The longer you spend with us the more astonished you will be by your body. Not only does clothing fit more easily, your skin will begin to radiate again. You will feel beautiful - inside and out. If the natural process is not enough for you can also fall in love again with your fatty layers with highly-modern processes such as 'fat freezing' and 'cavitation treatments'.

Enjoy totally relaxed moments and let yourself go. We promise, we will catch you!


SPA & Beauty

  • Soothing warmth and total relaxation in the sauna, spa and swimming pool
  • Cleansing, caring and detoxifying cosmetic treatments with luxurious natural cosmetics
  • A wide offer of beauty applications and body therapies such as fat freezing and cavitation treatments


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