Finding out where you stand, together with the doctor. Setting goals. Planning the route. Daring to take those first steps. And continuing with determination.

Place yourself in the safe hands of our doctors and therapists. They are acknowledged specialists in their respective fields and are there for you for the entire duration of your cure stay. From the initial examination to the final discussion, they will look after you individually and support you. In all the phases of your cure.

Diagnosis and procedure of your FX Mayr cure

Mayr Pre-Lab

Best prepared for your cure with which you can have blood and stool samples analysed in advance and the results sent on to us.

In this way, important information (for example, about food intolerances) is already available to your Mayr doctor at the intitial examination in our Health Center, which he can then channel into your cure plan.

Initial Examination

At the beginning of your FX Mayr cure you will get to know your doctor. With a thorough medical history and a clinical examination, he establishes your constitution and the current state of your health. You then discuss your goals for the cure. After that you design a tailored treatment plan together and discuss the course of your cure.

Manual Abdominal Treatment

Your stomach is gently massaged at least three times a week. This stimulates lymph flow and detoxification. The abdominal organs are unblocked. Your intestines are strengthened and toned. Your doctor performs out this manual medical abdominal treatment. He attends you for the entire duration of your cure and is your direct contact person for medical questions.

Exercise therapy analysis

Your metabolism and musculature are analysed in detail by our exercise therapists. Your physical constitution, proportion of muscle mass, old injuries, acute complaints etc. are all recorded. All of this flows together into your individual exercise concept. For the time during and after the cure.

Additional Applications

At our centre we offer you a range of additional applications which improve the effects of your cure. From massage to Kneipp applications, through infusion treatments and colon hydrotherapy to acupuncture and meridian therapy.

Final Examination

At the end of your FX Mayr cure your doctor will give you a final examination. He will then explain the results and summarise for you. You then discuss suitable strategies together for the time back at home. So that you can continue to profit from your cure long afterwards.


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