Mayr Pre-Lab: Optimal Preparation for your Cure

The best preparation for your cure:

Mayr Pre-Lab was designed for an immediate start at the cure.

Before your visit to the Health Center, Mayr Pre-Lab test results are produced. Based on the findings, important information (such as food intolerance) is available to the doctor at your initial examination and can be incorporated into your personalised cure plan.




Mayr Pre-Lab - best prepared for the cure in the Original FX Mayr Health Center

With Mayr Pre-Lab we offer the following three tests:

Full blood test for minerals (requires the drawing of blood) € 195,–
Blood test for food intolerances (requires the drawing of blood) € 230,–
Intestinal health test (stool sample required) € 325,–

In addition to the prices listed above, a handling fee of € 60,- will be charged to cover all procedures and the laboratory equipment. This fee remains the same whether you select one, two or all three tests. Shipping costs (FedEx) will be invoiced in accordance with the actual expense and added to the final bill.

Five steps to
your lab results

  • Book your Mayr-Pre-Lab test latest 21 days before the start of your cure.
  • You will receive a parcel from us with your lab kit - together with an exact plan, the necesary equipment for taking the blood and stool samples and pre-addressed shipping materials (FedEx).
  • Your GP will draw the blood. You can easily take the stool sample yourself at home.
  • Send the samples to our partner laboratory by FedEx.
  • After five to eight days our partner laboratory sends your laboratory directly to us.



All data and laboratory results will, of course, be handled with strict confidentially.

If you have any questions about the Mayr Pre-Lab offer, simply give us a call on: +43 4273 2511-506

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