ROYAL treatment

Trust in cutting-edge medicine. Cleanse your body. Order your thoughts. Find new paths.

Our doctors and therapists develop a personally approved cure programme for you. An individual holistic concept consisting of diet, exercise and treatments at the highest level. Our medical services include traditional medicine, complementary medicine and aesthetic medicine. In addition our doctors have a network of competent specialists at their disposal. 

Dr. Stephan Domenig is our medical director at the FX Mayr Health Center. Inspired by the 100-year-old teachings of the founding father of the FX Mayr cure, he trained as an FX Mayr doctor and, since then, combines proven methods with the latest medical findings.

The Cutting Edge of Modern Medicine

  • Highest medical standards (traditional, complementary and aesthetic medicine)
  • Individual holistic concept comprised of treatment, exercise and nutrition
  • Comprehensive diagnostics, special treatments and additional services
Our team of doctors
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