12. October 2017

Strengthen your immune system: Mayr Winter Essentials


Look forward to a beautiful winter by coming to us to prepare yourself for the cold and flu season. Get your immune system into shape with Mayr Winter Essentials and start the winter months fully prepared.

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06. October 2017

Alternating Foot Baths: a sparkling autumn delight


Hot and cold waters refresh tired legs and improve blood circulation - the perfect start into an autumn day.

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02. October 2017

Heartfelt thanks for your support in awarding us first place in the Condé Nast – Readers’ Travel Award 2017

Conde Award

This autumn, our guests have bestowed an award upon us that fills us with pride. Thanks to your reviews on the Condé Nast Traveller online platform, the Original FX Mayr was awarded first place in the “Favourite Destination Spa” category. We are honoured and thank you sincerely.

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01. September 2017

Cure Coaching: Leave your baggage behind and gain new perspectives

Cure Coaching

The cure inspires you to be more aware. Fasting opens up space for new things. It is time for change. A chance to leave your baggage behind, organise your thoughts, reflect and make new plans. Our cure coach is here to provide you with the invaluable support you need.


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01. September 2017

HRV Analysis: a matter of the heart

HRV Analysis

Heart rate variability analysis, HRV analysis for short, is a measure of the human organism's capacity to adapt to external stimuli. People find themselves in a stressful environment of constant contradictions - day and night, tension and relaxation, appetite ad satiation. The body constantly regulates between these polarities. This capacity for regulation allows us to draw conclusions on life force.

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