Take time for yourself. Deliberately abstain. Gain a new awareness of life. With the FX Mayr cure.

Enjoy an entirely new sensation. The FX Mayr cure is your key. Targeted fasting and conscious abstinence make a new lightness possible. You gain a new awareness of your body, more attentiveness and balance.

Healing in the body is boosted by a fasting cure. By conserving and improving the metabolism.A healthy rhythm has a regulating effect on your body.The new system benefits you - inside and out. As Franz Xaver Mayr once put so well:

"The best medicine of all is fasting and diet. One simply has to do it correctly!"

The three pillars of your treatment:



  • An individual medical cure programme at the highest level
  • personal supervision by an experienced team of doctors
  • Comprehensive diagnostics, special treatments and additional offers


  • Individual light diet
  • Exquisite cuisine at the highest level
  • The best organic ingredients


  • An individually approved exercise programme for your cure stay and afterwards
  • Expert team of sports scientists and exercise therapists
  • Comprehensive range of exercise therapy options - from aqua gymnastics to yoga
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