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February  2018


If the body is overloaded with metabolic waste, toxins and excess acid, a fasting and detoxification cure can work small wonders. It paves the way to better health and a new sense of wellbeing. So what does detoxification actually mean?

With our fast paced lives, we often demand a superhuman effort from our bodies. We eat and drink too much, too quickly and make unhealthy food choses. We are subjected to persistent stress and do not allow ourselves enough time to rest. Our bodies can only take so much and eventually even the strongest system becomes overburdened. Metabolic waste, toxins and excess acid can no longer be completely flushed from the body.


Fast and make a fresh start

A fasting and detox cure can work small wonders. Targeted natural fasting and detoxing can first and foremost prevent the body from becoming even more overloaded. The body can then be reset to its “default setting”. It creates a new balance and provides a new feeling of lightness. The immune system, which is located in the gut, is also substantially strengthened.


Activating and accelerating the detoxification functions

Detoxification is the removal of harmful substances (excess acid, toxins, metabolic waste) from the body through a number of different functions. This process is intensified during the FX Mayr cure. For example, intestinal activity is stimulated by the intake of Epsom salt. Increased fluid intake (no alcohol/caffeine) speeds up the filtering function of the kidneys and encourages urination. Exercise and wellness treatments cause the body to sweat and the detox stimulates the skin. Specific exercises encourage detoxification through the respiratory system and improve diaphragmatic breathing. This frees the body from all unnecessary substances and helps create a new balance.


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