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HRV Analysis: a matter of the heart

September  2017


Heart rate variability analysis, HRV analysis for short, is a measure of the human organism's capacity to adapt to external stimuli.

People find themselves in a stressful environment of constant contradictions - day and night, tension and relaxation, appetite ad satiation. The body constantly regulates between these polarities. This capacity for regulation allows us to draw conclusions on life force. During the HRV check electrodes are attached to the chest, where we then measure the heart rate variability for 24 hours. The subsequent evaluation gives our doctors valuable information, which is then directly incorporated into the course of your treatment.


Our doctors are trained HRV specialists. Based on the results of the HRV analysis, they can determine which priorities they need to set, in order to optimally support you during your cure. We can also detect psychological burdens at an early stage. During the cure, the HRV analysis also provides detailed information about our guests’ progress.




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