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FX MAYR Awareness


Being conscious. Finding peace and balance. Going through life mindfully. Rediscovering oneself. And recognising what is really important.

Often we rush hectically through our daily routine, without concentrating. Stressed by what is left to do, burdened by what lies behind us, our thoughts race unchecked. This leads us to forget the moment. Actual being. The things we should pay attention to in the here and now because they make up our lives.


What a little more awareness can do

Awareness is an effective tool for increasing your zest for life. Through the training of self-perception, through moments of rest and reflection, you will be able to consciously, benevolently and calmly perceive yourself and your environment. You will discover new aspects of yourself, of other people and in your environment. You will be able to regulate your everyday stress, develop more serenity, draw strength and energy, gain new zest for life and find a balanced life rhythm.  


Awareness during your FX Mayr cure

Awareness can be your key to change. It allows you to open up, break new ground and make decisions. At the Original FX Mayr we offer you many opportunities to practice your mindfulness and to find a balanced lifestyle – from training in eating habits to meditation.


The benefits of conscious eating and enjoyment

Enjoy our Silent Eating, allowing you soothing tranquility in the restaurant. Allow yourself time to pay food intake the attention it deserves. Without distractions. Training in eating habits is an important cornerstone of the FX Mayr cure, because optimal digestion begins in the mouth.




> more about Silent Eating.

Your well-being coach at The Original FX Mayr

On the way to more mindfulness and a new inner order, our cure coach assists you at The Original FX Mayr. This helps you reflect on your life situation, get rid of “mental” baggage and focus on looking forward. Together with your cure coach, you will develop strategies to sustainably pursue your goals so that your quality of life is permanently improved.



> Learn more about our well-being coach


Use your cure to take an adventure trip to your inner self during guided mindfulness meditations. Calm and centre your mind and learn to direct it through breathing, relaxation and physical exercises. Meditation takes place in small groups four evenings a week.




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