The Original FX Mayr



Stay in motion. Let your energy flow. Stimulate your metabolism. Liberate energy. And breathe a sigh of relief.

Not in the mood for sports? Let us find out together what kind of training you could enjoy. First, we analyse your state of fitness, metabolism, physique, musculature and coordinative abilities. Based on the results, we create your optimal exercise programme during your cure. And for afterwards if you wish.


The original Mayr Exercise


But why is it so important for you to keep moving during your cure? Performing physical exercises and will help detoxify your body and make a significant contribution to the success of your cure. The training sessions should help you to achieve the following goals:

I. More mobility and balance

The training sessions should activate, motivate and lead to inner balance. They increase your mobility and unblock blood vessels. You let go of old habits and make room for a new balance.  


II. Lightness through strengthening

Moderate training strengthens the muscles and improves breathing. You mobilise your strength, create inner spaces and feel a new lightness.  


III. Better digestion + activated metabolism

Special exercises support digestion, activate the metabolism and lead to greater efficiency. The organs in the abdominal area are stimulated and blood circulation around the liver, stomach and intestines is increased. Digestion and detoxification process receive appropriate impulses.


IV. Improved body awareness

Through targeted exercises you strengthen body awareness and learn to listen to yourself and your body. Light cardio and respiratory training improves the blood circulation, strengthens the body and in turn supports the internal organs as well as the reduction of stress.




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