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Trust in cutting-edge medicine. Bring your intestine and digestion into optimal condition. Reduce physical ailments. Prevent illness.

With the FX Mayr cure, you bring your digestion closer to its ideal condition. In this way you contribute to reducing health problems and preventing illness. The FX Mayr cure traditionally rests on the three principles: rest, training and cleansing. In accordance with modern findings, our team of doctors have expanded these by the two additional principles: rhythm and conscious abstinence.







You relieve your digestion with a special cure diet. Food intake is reduced under medical supervision. Burdensome foodstuffs such as fatty dishes, sweets and alcohol are deliberately excluded. Your individual diet plan takes effect. The organism is cleansed. Your digestion can regenerate.



The training of eating habits is an important cornerstone of the FX Mayr cure. Optimal digestion begins in the mouth. Conscious, slow eating and proper chewing relieves the digestive apparatus. In doing so you can better absorb important nutrients. The amount of food you eat reduces automatically. Attentiveness while eating can be trained. This is why you will find wonderful peace in our dining room, with silent eating.



Emptiness is the basic prerequisite for regeneration and renewal. If a glass is full, one can't add anything. The key to the preservation of good health is voluntary self-restraint of body and spirit. Small portions, simply composed dishes, little sugar and sparing seasonings sharpen your sense of taste. Unspoilt nature helps you to focus. Doing without electronics creates room for new perception.



Metabolic residues, waste substances and excess acids are passed out of your body. Via the intestines, kidneys, respiration and the skin. With the FX Mayr cure you bring your levels of acid to alkali back into balance. This succeeds through an individual diet, trained eating habits, cleansing treatments, exercise and substitution therapy (infusions, alkali drinks).



Even life itself is rhythm. Tension and relaxation. The intestine, too, is governed by rhythmic processes. Food intake and digestive tasks are in constant exchange. Learn to deal economically with your own reserves. The objective is a balanced way of life. This conserves life-energy and invests it in the best possible way.



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