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It's essential to assess the current state of your health accurately at the beginning of your cure. Only then can we determine the correct strategy and treatment for you. Numerous diagnostic options are open to us for this.


FX Mayr Diagnosis

As Mayr doctors, we don't focus on the illness, but on detailed knowledge of your health. We record your physical constitution in a thorough examination, taking into account proportions and body mass. A confidential basis for discussion is very important to us here. This initial diagnosis provides us with vital, initial information about the state of your health.


Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is a bio-energetic testing procedure to determine potential regulatory dysfunctions, as well as any food intolerance. It provides insights into the regulatory capacity of the human organism and connections in the metabolism. Highly sensitive, the procedure can detect metabolic irritations before they manifest as actual physical illnesses.



Heart rate variability analysis, HRV analysis for short, is a measure of the human organism's capacity to adapt to external stimuli. Humans find themselves in an stressful environment of constant contradictions - day and night, tension and relaxation, hunger and satiation. The body constantly regulates between these polarities. This capacity for regulation allows us to draw conclusions on life force, regeneration capacity, quality of sleep and risk of burn-out. HRV measurement takes place over 24 hours and thus reveals regulatory capacity over the duration of an entire day.


Laboratory Medicine

Detailed laboratory diagnosis is crucial to establish various physiological parameters.Beyond standard laboratory procedure, hormonal shifts, cardiovascular risk factors, food intolerance and parameters indicative of infection in the intestine can all be detected. Micro-immune therapy is a special method of diagnosing the body's immune status. Retrograde, strenuous viral infections are analysed here - among many other factors. Based on these results, specific forms of homeopathic treatment are selected, to strengthen the immune system.



Ultrasound is suited to the low-risk clarification of numerous illnesses and is also used for preventative annual health check-ups. Ultrasound depicts almost all internal organs excellently (abdominal organs, thyroid gland, liver, vascular system, pelvic organs etc.).


Bioimpedance Analysis

In medicine, nutrition and the state of someone's health are not only evaluated according to weight or BMI, but also according to body composition. Using bioimpedance analysis, the body's composition of body fat, muscle and water can be shown. The relationship to each other of these three constituent parts is important for the exact evaluation of excess weight, fitness level and water balance.


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