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Mayr prelab was designed for an optimal start to the cure.

With Mayr Prelab, some of your test results are produced before your stay with us. The results are available to your cure doctor for the initial examination. This ensures the best possible course of treatment, as important information is already taken into account. 

Mayr Prelab  € 110,-

This fee covers all handling and the laboratory equipment as well as a 10-minute consultation with your cure doctor to review the results. This price remains the same whether you choose one, two or all of the following tests. Shipping costs will be invoiced in accordance with the actual expense and added to the final bill.

We offer the following tests:

Analysis of minerals including coenzyme Q10, Vitamin D and B6

€ 240,–

(blood sample required)


Analysis of minerals including coenzyme Q10, Vitamin D, B6,

B12, A, E and folic acid

€ 340,-

(blood sample required)


Analysis of food intolerances 

€ 230,- 

(blood sample required)


Intestinal health check with genetic microbiome analysis

€ 335,- 

(stool sample required) 





If you live in London , take advantage of our new and convenient mobile Prelab service and have blood samples taken in the comfort of your home. We’ll also take care of all the despatch and handling logistics for you. Please contact us for further information.

All data and laboratory results will, of course, be handled with strict confidentially. 
If you have any questions about the Mayr Prelab , simply give us a call on: +43 4273 2511-506




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