The Original FX Mayr




Wonderful calm during meal times. The view takes in the sparkling water of Lake Wörth. Every bite, every swallow is an experience. Slowly and consciously sate yourself in the aromas and tastes.


Important to know: Your stomach is very sensitive to any kind of stress, whether emotional or physical in origin. Stress slows your digestion. Your stomach becomes tense and no longer works efficiently. Even if you eat healthy food, your digestive system can only digest the food with difficulty if you eat it quickly, thoughtlessly or when you are stressed. Thus you should always consciously take time for meals. Time to rest and focus on the food.  

Ignore the newspaper. Turn off your smartphone and notebook. Concentrate on yourself, breathe in the food aromas and enjoy the meal. Your body can thus better absorb the valuable nutrients that you are eating. Conscious, slow eating and proper chewing relieve your digestion. The amount of food is reduced almost automatically because you can better listen to your own satiety and know when you are full. You feel more vital, relaxed and balanced.



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