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Exercising your way to a strong immune system

December 2020

The winter season is the best time to start incorporating regular exercise into your daily or weekly routine. Regular exercise, as well as boosting your mental wellbeing, also strengthens the immune system, muscles and bones.

Whether we are presented with a clear, blue winter sky, a thickly quivering black fog or rugged, impenetrable snow flurries: Exercise should draw us, appropriately attired, into the great outdoors. But if the elements cannot tempt you outside, even a couple of minutes of exercise in the comfort of your own home are not to be scoffed at. Making one simple daily change can be enough to get you on the right track.


In winter, and especially this winter, our medical team agrees, the restorative effect of exercise and sport cannot be overstated. Because regular and moderate training helps us to arm our immune system against threats posed by pathogens. The adrenaline secreted during a training session stimulates our immune cells to become more active and to multiply. At this time, the white blood cells – particularly lymphocytes, such as natural killer cells – really step on the gas. After the training session, peace is once again restored in the immune system – and the number of immune cells decreases again. What remains is a perfectly trained defence system that reacts speedily and effectively to viruses and bacteria.


Apart from exerting positive effects on the immune system, regular exercise is great for our mental wellbeing. It lets us look to the future and it helps alleviate stress. Self-confidence, a feeling of self-worth and mental health are boosted. Metabolism, circulation, coordination and balance improve. The muscles and bones become stronger and more stable – and sleep improves. No matter which way you look at it, exercise is a veritable fountain of health and youth, which we can – and should – draw upon at will.


Good news for all couch potatoes: You don’t have to torture yourself to get all the health benefits from excessive training. Just two-and-a-half hours of brisk walking per week will suffice. Alternatively, you could, of course, go running, cycling, hiking or skiing instead. Even a 15-minute yoga or pilates session in your living room are great for mixing things up. Especially if the weather isn’t playing ball. In short, your training should leave you feeling energised. That is the perfect intensity.

Keep fit this winter with Nikolai

Until you can join us again, our fitness coach Nikolai will transport you to our wintry Wörthersee lakeside – for an invigorating fifteen minutes of exercise. In this video he will show you five simple exercises to strengthen the cardiovascular system, the muscles and the immune system.





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