The Original FX Mayr


June 2020

Our chef Andreas Wolff demonstrates how quick and easy it is to prepare delicious buckwheat rolls with quark, fresh herbs and linseed oil for a hearty and healthy breakfast.  

Vegetable Dal with Curry Powder and Coconut

When our head chef Andreas Wolff gets in the kitchen, he can't help but cook up tempting and healthy dishes to delight your palate. This immune-boosting Indian dish with lots of fresh vegetables and fine spices, is a must try. Easy to cook and enjoy at home.

Buckwheat rolls & buckwheat crackers

Quite simply, aromatic buckwheat rolls are an intrinsic part of Original Mayr Cuisine. Beetroot, pumpkin seeds, turmeric and tomato pesto ensure a wide variety of flavours and colours.

Quark with fresh herbs

You can conjure up a host of amazing spreads using aromatic herbs like parsley, basil or oregano. They are perfect served with buckwheat and tomato rolls or hot potatoes.


Delicious Recipes for a Balanced Life

You can find lots of delicious recipes in our cookbook ‘THE ORIGINAL MAYR CUISINE. Delicious Recipes for a Balanced Life’ available in our online shop. 

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