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An experienced Mayr doctor who has held positions in Austria and abroad. We warmly welcome Dr. Georg Kettenhuber to the Original FX Mayr. In a short interview, he tells us what fascinates him about FX Mayr medicine.  

Dr. Kettenhuber, we’re delighted to welcome you to our team. You’ve been an FX Mayr doctor for many years and have earned an excellent reputation internationally. Can you tell us what fascinates you about Mayr medicine?

Dr. Georg Kettenhuber: I’m constantly fascinated by the effectiveness of the ‘cure’– and how it can be used to achieve so many successful medical outcomes. With Mayr medicine you can assist the body into doing something for itself, improve the immune system, improve sleep, improve the skin, firm up tissue and much more. Simply slowing down, self-reflection, and introspection often produce amazing results. I’m also astonished at how quickly you see positive changes.


You and the Franz Xaver Mayr cure – was it love at first sight?

Dr. Georg Kettenhuber: I actually came across Mayr indirectly and without even setting foot in Mayr health clinic. The main focus of the institution where I worked as a general practitioner was the Dr. Vodder method of lymphatic drainage. I completed this training and became a medically recognised specialist teacher in lymphatic drainage theory. During this time, whilst studying and researching, I noticed many books cross-referenced the FX Mayr fasting method. As I wanted to pursue further training and qualifications, I found Mayr medicine to be a great fit. In my spare time I also enjoy cooking and eating - so, like many guests, I do find fasting quite difficult, but I still fast consistently. For the simple reason that I feel the benefits after just a few days.


Your FX Mayr medical career has taken you from Tyrol to Tenerife and then back to Austria. You’re now starting at the Original FX Mayr – a place that you’ve known and admired for a number of years now. How does it feel?

Dr. Georg Kettenhuber: I’m really looking forward to my work at the Original FX Mayr. I visited briefly a couple of years ago and what struck me from the moment I arrived was the atmosphere - the friendliness and professionalism of the whole team. They had the ability to instantly make me feel really welcome and part of the family. The long history and evolution of the place also greatly appeals to me. I’m really looking forward to getting to know the guests at the Original and, from a personal point of view, I’ll most definitely enjoy the fantastic location in the south of Austria by Lake Wörthersee and its proximity to Slovenia and Italy.


Thank you very much and good luck.




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