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HRV Analysis: stress is a matter of the heart

September  2020

Use the heart rate variability analysis (HRV analysis) to take a 24-hour look at your heart rhythm. It helps identify both stress and relaxation factors.

Find out what gets your heart beating faster

As part of the heart rate variability analysis (HRV analysis), the adaptability of your heart rhythm is checked during different circumstances. Electrodes are attached to your chest, measuring and recording your heart rate variability for 24 hours.

Your cure doctor can use the profile to obtain a reading of your general stress levels. Keeping a cure diary with times allows the doctor to precisely determine what relaxes or stresses you. They can evaluate how sauna sessions, hikes, walks, intense training, reading books, work emails and much more impact your heart and what you need to focus on to reduce stress. They will also see how restful your sleep is and can detect marginal mental burdens at an early stage. During the cure, the HRV analysis also provides detailed information about your progress.



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