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October 2021


Time to give your cells a workout. Altitude training (IHHT) regenerates all the cells in your body, stimulates the metabolism, strengthens the immune system, helps you lose weight and improves sleep. This treatment is anti-ageing. It is fat burning and literally enables your body to make more energy - and all this without even breaking into a sweat.

IHHT (Intermittent Hypoxic-Hyperoxic Treatment), also known as altitude training, stimulates energy metabolism and improves performance by changing the amount of oxygen in the air you breathe. As you sit back and breathe through an oxygen mask, your cells undergo a high-performance workout. The body thinks that it is at various different altitudes from sea level to 5200 metres. And all this without any effort.



Relax, breathe shallowly through your nose and achieve a pleasant state of consciousness between being awake and asleep. The oxygen content in the air and the training intervals are individually adjusted in order to optimally promote energy and fat metabolism. The cell workout begins with the very first breath. During the hyperoxic phase (the interval with lots of oxygen), damaged cell components die off. During the hypoxic phase (the interval with low oxygen), the cell is stimulated to accelerate the proliferation of healthy mitochondria. IHHT ensures regulation and improvement of the functionality of the mitochondria which are responsible for the body’s energy supply. 



IHHT is also an excellent way to treat exhaustion and stress. It’s like changing your batteries: the old cellular powerhouses are replaced with new ones. At the start of the therapy, during the first day or two, you may feel more tired than usual. But the development of new mitochondria results in greater energy being made available again to the body in the longer term. This effect can last for up to six months.  


You will notice an improvement in your circulation immediately after treatment. Especially in your complexion. And there is not just better circulation to the skin, but to every single organ in the body. There is an improvement both in blood supply and detoxification of the organs. This is anti-ageing. This is fat burning. This literally enables your body to make more energy. If you treat yourself to multiple sessions, you will also notice a significant increase in energy; this is why IHHT is also used to optimally prepare for competitive sport. And as a bonus it stimulates fat burning and improves sleep! It strengthens the immune system, slows down the ageing process and encourages hormonal balance. The latter is also used to support wellbeing during the menopause. Last but not least, IHHT is also known to improve cognitive function and leave you feeling mentally fresh and alert.




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