The Original FX Mayr


September 2020

Did you know we offer a variety of medical investigations that complement your cure? These include gastroscopies and colonoscopies – or cardiac examinations.

Make good use of the period of calm and relaxation during your cure stay to address other health issues. We offer a wide range of additional gastrointestinal and cardiac investigations in cooperation with the private practices of Dr Alexander Todoroff (Mayr physician and specialist in General and Visceral Surgery) and Dr Carl Kaulfersch (consultant in Internal Medicine and Cardiology). You can either book an appointment before you arrive, or discuss your needs with your attending physician during your stay. We can then incorporate investigations carried out on a private basis into your personalised cure plan. 


Take the opportunity to have your heart thoroughly examined in the private clinic where our consultant and cardiac specialist Dr Carl Kaulfersch practises. Cardiac investigations that include an echocardiogram and a carotid ultrasound, a stress test and a resting ECG are carried out after recording in-depth case history. These investigations help to detect cardiac disease early on and to expertly address any issues.


One of the key benefits of taking the original FX Mayr cure is that your gastrointestinal system is already perfectly primed for these investigations. So it is easy for them to be integrated into your treatment plan. Gastroscopy and colonoscopy procedures provide invaluable information, which then helps to explain any issues (reflux, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, etc.) and to identify diseases early on. Tissue samples are taken and polyps removed where necessary. Several health-related issues can be quickly and expertly dealt with.

Your cardiology specialist: Dr Carl Kaulfersch, specialist in Internal Medicine and Cardiology

Dr. Kaulfersch was a senior physician for conservative and interventional cardiology at the clinic in Klagenfurt for many years and is currently an attending physician at the Privatklinik Maria Hilf Klagenfurt with a private practice for internal medicine and cardiology.

Your gastroenterology specialist: Dr Alexander Todoroff, specialist in General and Visceral Surgery and head of a private practice in Maria Rain





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