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Recovery retreats 2021/2022

October 2021


Everyone can feel overwhelmed from time to time. Whether it’s work-related stress that has finally caught up with you or difficult times in your personal life, we could probably all use some time to fully relax every once in a while. What better way to unwind than visit a recovery retreat that resolves completely around improving your wellbeing? Our wellbeing is at the center of our lives and when your mental wellbeing is poor, this will likely reflect in other areas in your life. Your work, family, health and social life might be affected by your mental health. That’s why it’s time to take matters into your own hands and visit a recovery retreat in 2021.

Why you should visit a recovery retreat in 2021

Working on your wellbeing can be difficult, especially when you’re situated in the midst of your normal life where work and personal life seems to never be put on hold. Reflecting on your own feelings, needs and goals in life can be extremely helpful and can contribute to better mental health. When visiting a recovery retreat, you will be completely distanced from your daily life, leaving space to reflect on yourself and work on improvements. Your sole focus in a recovery retreat is, as the name suggests, to recover.


Have you been feeling unbalanced the past few months? Find new balance, inner peace and above all at FX Mayr’s healing retreat that is known for holistic regeneration. The FX Mayr Cure is focused on medicine, nutrition, exercise and awareness, and will help to improve your overall wellbeing and in particular your intestinal health. Absolutely everything you’ll need to return home with a new feeling of inner peace and health.

What does a week in a healing retreat look like?

If you have decided to visit a healing retreat in 2021, you might be wondering what you might expect from your week of pure relaxation. You will be spending your week at FX Mayr in our wellness hotel where superior comfort is key. The stylish and sophisticated rooms leave nothing to be desired. As the FX Mayr Cure is divided into four pillars, we’ll guide you through the cure step by step. 



With the FX Mayr cure, you work on improving your intestinal health by relieving your digestion with a special diet. Under medical supervision, your food intake is reduced to cleanse your organism. During your week at FX Mayr, you’re focused on an individual diet, trained eating habits, cleansing treatments, exercise and substitution therapy (infusions, alkali drinks).  



One of the key main focuses during your week at FX Mayr is nutrition. As we’re working towards an improved intestinal health, our Mayr Cuisine prepares the tastiest, but also healthiest meals that will help your recovery. As every body is unique, we offer many different options to guarantee the best results.  




On the road to recovery, exercising is an important factor. At the beginning of your stay, we will analyse your state of fitness, metabolism, physique, musculature and coordinative abilities. On the basis of these outcomes, we compose an exercise programme for your week at FX Mayr.  




While awareness might sound a bit abstract, it’s actually an important part of your stay at FX Mayr’s holistic retreat. We often find ourselves rushing through life which can cause an increased level of stress and anxiety. To fully wind down and implement practices into your daily life, we train awareness. Whether it’s in the form of meditation or silent eating, it will contribute to better wellbeing and digestion.  



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