The Original FX Mayr

Retreat breaks at Lake Wörthersee in Austria


November 2021


Visit a wellness retreat this autumn

If feelings of stress or anxiety have started to get to you or if you’re simply ready for a break, why don’t you visit Original FX Mayr this autumn? This wellness retreat is located at Lake Wörthersee in beautiful Austria and what is a better way to regenerate your health than overlooking a tranquil lake. While it may be a bit colder visiting Austria in autumn, we are certain the fresh air will do you good. The weather at Lake Wörthersee is great in summer and can fluctuate more during autumn. The temperatures will be dropping just below 10 degrees in November, but that means there’s all the more reason to enjoy the beauty spa at Original FX Mayr.

Benefits of staying at a wellness retreat in nature

Waking up early to watch the sunrise, going for relaxing walks in the woods or practicing yoga at the waterfront? Do we really need to say more than that? The benefits of staying at a wellness retreat in nature are endless. Because let’s be honest, a wellness retreat feels a lot more relaxing when it’s set in a tranquil location rather than busy London. You really get the chance to take a step back from your everyday life and embrace the beauty of nature in Austria. Surrounded by mountains, Lake Wörthersee is the absolutely perfect place to find yourself again.

Rebalance your intestinal health with the Mayr Cure

At Original FX Mayr, you will spend your time taking care of yourself by deliberately abstaining. The Mayr Cure is based on four pillars which together, will help you to gain a new awareness of life and balance your gut health.



1. Medicine

Bring your intestine and digestion into optimal condition by trusting in cutting-edge medicine. At the Mayr Cure, we believe in five basic principles: rest, training, conscious abstinence, cleansing and rhythm. Combine these five principles together and you’ll work toward a healthier body.


2. Nutrition

During your stay at Original FX Mayr, you will be eating a balanced diet to lay the foundation for a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The Original Mayr Cuisine is extremely diverse and it will give your body the nutrition it needs, in just the right balance. This diet will leave you feeling energized, vital and fully nourished.


3. Exercise

A  healthy lifestyle isn’t complete without regular exercise. The Mayr Cure values exercise which is why you will be performing physical exercise on a daily basis. Whether it’s a yoga practice or a walk through Austrian nature, it’s important to keep your body moving every single day.


4. Awareness

Lastly, the Mayr Cure spends attention on creating more awareness for your body. It teaches you to be more conscious about certain choices, and helps with finding peace and balance. All together, the Mayr Cure helps to be more mindful and clean your gut.



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