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January 2019

In January, Dr Ursula Muntean-Rock became head physician at Original FX Mayr. In this interview, our passionate Mayr doctor tells us what fascinates her about FX Mayr medicine and why fasting is so good for us.  

Dr. Muntean-Rock, you’ve been working as a Mayr doctor and general practitioner at the Original FX Mayr for six months already. You’re now head of the medical department. What can we expect from you? What is particularly important to you in your work?

Dr. Ursula Muntean-Rock: As the head physician, my main concern is the individual high-quality treatment of each and every guest. I am delighted to have such a friendly, dedicated and expert team working with me at the Original FX Mayr. We are people that work well together and help our guests become healthier and find a better quality of life. The sensitivity that we doctors and therapists show towards our guests is very important to me. My job also involves keeping a close eye on the latest developments and findings in the field of medicine. Regular training ensures that the high level of expertise that people have come to expect here is maintained.


Besides your professional expertise, our guests also highly value your empathy.

Dr. Ursula Muntean-Rock: My goal is to help every guest as much as possible. For me, it goes without saying that I consider their personal needs and take all of their worries, expectations and fears seriously. I take the time for an in-depth initial consultation and overview of the patient’s medical history, so that I can draw up the best individual therapy plan and guarantee an optimal course of treatment. This ensures the guest feels comfortable and optimally benefits from their Cure.


What does Mayr medicine mean to you personally?

Dr. Ursula Muntean-Rock: Mayr medicine is the key to our intestinal health and plays a crucial role in our physical well being. Mayr medicine provides us with the tools to change everyday habits that can lead to illnesses in the long term. I am convinced that in times of plenty it is an important and almost essential step towards improved health into old age.


You specialise not only in Mayr medicine, but also in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). What influence does TCM have on your work as a Mayr doctor?

Dr. Ursula Muntean-Rock: Traditional Chinese Medicine is very effective in the treatment of subacute and chronic illnesses, such as headache, sleep disorders, burnout and panic attacks. With its individual diagnostic methods, you can often identify the root cause of complaints like these, which have been troubling you for years, and successfully treat them using acupuncture, massages, cupping and herbal therapies. Restoring gut health during the Mayr cure is indispensable if good health is to be maintained, and can be optimally combined with the therapeutic approaches favoured by TCM. It intensifies successful outcomes, making them last longer.


When you specifically think of the FX Mayr cure here at the Original FX Mayr on Lake Wörthersee – what makes it stand out in your opinion?

Dr. Ursula Muntean-Rock: I think that the Cure at the Original FX Mayr is something very special and unique. There is a very friendly atmosphere. The medical standards are extremely high. There is a calm and stylish ambience. Guests are supported and looked after in a kind and professional manner. Furthermore, its historical significance as the birthplace of the “inpatient” FX Mayr cure. After all, the first FX Mayr cures were offered here more than 45 years ago. The concepts were further developed and adapted here in line with the latest scientific findings. And that’s something that clearly sets us apart from the rest.

Besides the physical changes, we now also know that unresolved stress can surface during the Cure. Issues that you don’t devote yourself to enough or at all during daily life, are given space again.

Dr. Ursula Muntean-Rock: We often lose touch with ourselves in day-to-day life. Fasting, a calming atmosphere and a steady rhythm help you discover yourself. New perspectives open up, and a new awareness of your body and new order can be established. Our Cure Coaches are here to assist during this process. They can help to reflect on life situations, get rid of “mental” baggage and focus on looking forward. Our cure coaches support our guests on their  journey to a new attitude towards life and more awareness.


In your opinion, how important is the FX Mayr cure today?

Dr. Ursula Muntean-Rock: The FX Mayr cure is a method of health promotion and detoxification that aims to cleanse and relieve the intestine and build up a healthy intestinal flora. This is an important approach in an age of food intolerances, allergies and chronic illnesses, which are often suspected to be caused by a highly acidic intestinal environment. Both in acute and preventive medicine the effectiveness of the FX Mayr cure is supported by scientific findings, such as microbiome research and cutting-edge nutritional science.


Intermittent fasting, dinner cancelling and other types of fasting are all the rage. It seems the words of wisdom that Franz Xaver Mayr was preaching many years ago are now fashionable. What do you make of this development?

Dr. Ursula Muntean-Rock: I think it’s a good thing. The latest studies demonstrating the effectiveness of fasting and the FX Mayr cure are also very interesting. This analysis is an important part of the FX Mayr cure being recognised as a preventive therapy in day-to-day medical care.


Finally, a quick question about your everyday life as a doctor: what tips do you give to our guests when they leave?

Dr. Ursula Muntean-Rock: The FX Mayr cure should be carried out for at least 21 days to achieve optimal therapeutic success. As our guests’ length of stay varies, we give each guest an individual plan to continue the cure. Depending on the course of treatment and their health status, guests also receive medical recommendations for day-to-day life, so that they can maintain the successful effects of the treatment for as long as possible.



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