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What you can expect from our ultimate detox retreat


April 2022


What is a detox retreat?

When we think of the word detox, it can bring up all manner of preconceptions; fad detox diets, crazy daily routines and elaborate health claims. However a detox retreat is a much more relaxing experience than you may think. Designed to rid the body of toxins and declutter the mind, a detox retreat is a course of massages, exercises and experiences specifically tailored to your needs.

What do you do on a detox retreat?

The FX Mayr Deep Detox Retreat programme encompasses a series of enlightening treatments for the body and spiritual exercises to help support the ‘FX Mayr Cure’ - the fundamental principles to all our retreats. Split into 4 main elements we believe are key to a successful detox, Medicine, Nutrition, Exercise and Awareness, the FX Mayr Cure will rebalance your mind and body. Depending on which programme you choose to enhance your stay, will depend on your daily routine. Meal times are silent and provide a digital detox experience, where you focus on the exquisite food freshly made by chefs on site. Toxins and waste substances are released from the body through the gut, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin, so all deep detox programme experiences will cater to aiding this process. This includes salt therapy, yoga and even a colon hydrotherapy experience with intestinal flora boost. Meditation also plays a big part in your stay and is available four evenings a week.

What type of detox retreats are there?

If you’re new to detoxes you may not be aware of the many choices when it comes to detox retreats, there’s Juice detoxes, digital detoxes, yoga and meditation detoxes, healthy eating detoxes, sleep detoxes; the list goes on. The great thing about Original FX Mayr is that nearly all those listed are included in the Deep Detox programme on offer. You get the very best classes and treatments from onsite specialists, chefs and doctors.

As well as a deep detox programme, Original FX Mayr also provides an active programme, intensive weight loss programme, the Slow Down programme and two classic programmes. All bursting with holistic treatments and experiences to help restore balance and support the fundamental FX Mayr Cure methodology.

What to take to a detox retreat?

Depending on the type of retreat programme you choose, you will want to bring comfy clothing, exercise/yoga clothes and trainers. Rooms are designed to be calm, tranquil environments for rest and relaxation, and towels are provided too. Most importantly take an open mind, this time is for you to reap the health benefits and soak up a new way of living, being more present.



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