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February  2018


Determine your exact health needs before your cure begins. With our Mayr Prelab service, we are able to detect food intolerances and vitamin deficiencies in advance and can then ensure your cure is specifically tailored to your requirements.

Our experience has shown that many of our guests unknowingly suffer from food intolerances. A lack of vitamins, minerals or trace elements and the state of intestinal health are not always obvious or known.


Determine test results in advance

To allow us to provide an optimal course of treatment from the start of your cure, we have developed our Mayr Prelab service. Available services include:  

  • Full blood test for minerals including vitamin D and B6,

  • Blood test for food intolerances

  • Intestinal health check with genetic microbiome analysis

The results provide us with important information, which we can incorporate into your cure right from the start.

You can find more details about our Mayr Prelab here:

Mayr Prelab



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