The Original FX Mayr


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Exterior view

Aerial view Lake Wörthersee 1

Aerial view Lake Wörthersee 2

Aerial view The Original FX Mayr

Beach in summer


Beach and sauna house

Beach and sauna house


Beach and Saunahouse exterior view

Saunahouse Teabar

Saunahouse Balcony

Sauna house Finnish sauna

Saunahouse Lounge

Saunahous Massage room

Our house

Lobby 1

Lobby 2

Restaurant 1


Restaurant 2

Restaurant 3

Restaurant 4

Restaurant 5

Restaurant 6

Doctor's office 1

Doctor's office 2


Oxygen therapy


Indoor pool

Rooms & Suites

Single room category A

Suite living room II

Suite detail II

Suite living room

Suite bathroom

Suite 1

Suite 2

Suite 3

Suite 4

Juniorsuite 1

Juniorsuite 2

Desk with information folder

Suite detail


The Original Mayr Cuisine

Bouillon Variation

Vegetable Bouillon

Making of Buckwheat rolls

Basil quark spread


Vegetable bouillon

The Original Mayr Cuisine 1

Original Mayr Cuisine Fish stew

Celeriac and quinoa millefeuille with carrots

Show Kitchen

Cookery Workshop 1

Fennel soup with saffron

Buckwheat Pizza

The Original Mayr Cuisine 2

Original Mayr Cuisine "Zoodles Variation"

Making of Mayr Cuisine 3

Cookery Workshop 2

Making of "Zoodles"

The Original Mayr Exercise

Morning Exercise 1

Yoga on the jetty

Morning Exercise 2


Yoga 1

Aqua Cycling

The Original Mayr Team

Managing director Gabriella Schnitzler

Head physician Dr. Ursula Muntean-Rock

Deputy head physician Dr. Karin Hamböck

Chef de Cuisine Andreas Wolff

Reception - Team

Restaurant - Team

Treatments and Therapies

Medical abdominal treatment

"Kneippen" Alternating foot bath


Lymph drainage 1

Lymph Drainage 2

Medical Massage

Acupuncture Dr. Andreas Stock

Alkaline Detox Bath

Kinesio Taping


The Original FX Mayr in Winter

Lake Wörthersee in winter

Jetty at Lake Wörthersee in winter

Suite in winter

Juniorsuite in winter

Lobby in winter



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