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Mayr Recovery is your new module for holistic regeneration and stable well-being: If the last few months have left you feeling unbalanced, we’ll help you find a new balance, inner peace and above all health.



Our MAYR RECOVERY module is your holistic regeneration programme for body and soul. It is a blessing for anyone longing for a new sense of well-being and better health after the stresses and strains of lockdown or having suffered with COVID-19. Strengthen your intestinal health and immune system. Relax and find a new inner peace and confidence.



Comprehensive Prelab analysis is the basis of MAYR RECOVERY. Our head physician, Dr Ursula Muntean-Rock, recommends starting the cure with results that provide very important information about the state of your immune system and your micronutrient levels. This allows us to address your individual needs in a timely and targeted manner. Round things off with perfectly coordinated treatments and therapies that restore the intestinal flora and relieve stress.





Part l Mayr Recovery – Prelab                

1 x Prelab analysis of the activity of killer cells (immune system)

1 x Prelab analysis of minerals and vitamins incl. Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin D, B6, B12, A, E and folic acid

€ 730.- per person


Part ll Mayr Recovery - Module

1 x Therapy session cure coach 60 min

1 x Nutritional consultation with focus on restoration of intestinal flora 60 min

1 x Intestinal flora health infusion

1 x Stress release massage 50 min

€ 595.- per person

€ 1.300,- per person

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MAYR RECOVERY Part l and Part ll: Total € 1.300,- per person.

Can be booked as an addition to our Mayr Basic.



THE ORIGINAL FX MAYR REGENERATION: A reset for both mind and body


Start the day by celebrating the wonderful sunrise from our beach and be inspired by the calm and serene atmosphere at our beautiful hotel. Use the guided meditations and breathing exercises to clear your mind and recharge your batteries on walks and guided hikes through the beautiful scenery that surrounds the Original FX Mayr. We have developed an extremely supporting programme that allows you to reflect, unwind and recharge in natural surroundings of The Original FX Mayr.



ENJOY THE BEAUTIFUL SUNRISE: a radiant awakening by Lake Wörthersee

Each morning at dawn we head down to the beach and rediscover the simple pleasures of everyday things. Like a hot cup of fragrant tea that warms your hands and nourishes your soul. With an open heart, we await the first rays of sunshine and the new day.


BREATHING EXERCISES: a comforting way to reduce stress and anxiety

Guided breathing exercises are a tried-and-tested way of clearing your mind and achieving ultimate relaxation within a short period of time. At Original FX Mayr we practice simple but effective breathwork sessions in small groups with one of our therapists.


SINGING BOWL MEDITATIONS: the soundtrack to an enjoyable evening

Before bed, we unwind to the soothing tones of our singing bowl meditations. The gentle vibrations and pleasant sounds make a deep impression. The mind is cleared and a new harmony is established. The perfect preparation for restful sleep.


PATH TO NATURE: guided walks and gentle hikes

Discover the natural beauty that surrounds the Original FX Mayr on guided walks with Helga. In April, our herb expert Barbara Wiegele is back to take guests on the search for the first wild herbs – they are an integral part of our Original Mayr Cuisine in spring. Enjoy breathtaking views over the mountains, valleys and lake.



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