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It is no secret that we are continuously aging. And, increasingly, the aging process brings in its wake chronic illnesses that, to a great extent, are self-inflicted. High cholesterol, adult-onset diabetes and dementia are just the tip of the iceberg.  


As much as 60 to 70 per cent of these are attributable to an individual’s current lifestyle: too much stress, insufficient exercise, smoking and excessive, mindless eating or junk food are among the main culprits.   



The good news: Each one of us can take preventive measures in a wholly targeted manner so that we age in a more healthy way. Modern medical science in the field of anti-aging, which is concerned with the human body’s aging process, asserts that a whole 15 years can be added to the average life span by way of a targeted anti-aging strategy and a healthy lifestyle.* It makes complete sense to embark upon this at any stage of life – but the best time to start following it is always now.  



Taking these recent findings of medical science in the field of anti-aging as a starting point, our team of experts and therapists developed the Mayr Healthy Aging module. And for good reason. The ambit of the FX Mayr cure, which focuses on intestinal health, strengthening the immune system, nutrition and exercise are also important cornerstones in the field of medical science concerned with anti-aging. Both disciplines overlap and complement one another. This is why the Mayr Healthy Aging module includes an array of medical tests, one-on-one consultations and guidelines that help you to improve your quality of life in a sustainable manner and, at the same time, age more healthily.


Improve the quality of your life and lay the foundation for a longer and healthier life.


1x Applied kinesiology test

1x Lifestyle coaching

1x Nutritional consultation

1x Individual exercise therapy

1x Mitochondrial power infusion

1x Bodyregeneration CO2


€ 860,- per person

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 Our recommendation: To get your cure off to the best possible start – book your Mayr Prelab so your doctor has your test results prior to your arrival .



Price per person, excluding accommodation.   Can be booked with Mayr Basic or Mayr Classic Programme from October 2018 to February 2019.



* Also see: Prof. Bernd Kleine-Gunk, MD: 15 Jahre länger leben. Die 7-Säulen-Anti-Aging-Strategie nach dem Hormesis-Prinzip (Live Another 15 Years. The 7-Pillar Anti-aging Strategy Governed by the Hormesis Principle); Gräfe und Unzer Verlag GmbH, Munich 2017; ISBN 978-3-8338-5834-5.



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