The Original FX Mayr




Set your priorities. Enhance the cure. Achieve your personal goals. In addition to our Mayr programme you can book special modules. Our Mayr modules are tailored packages for your chosen focal points. They enable you to intensify your Cure and reach your personal goals more easily.


Detoxify, purify and cleanse your body deeply. Mayr Deep Detox boosts the detoxification process during your Cure. The entire treatment spectrum is fully exploited and this optimises the detox effect. Toxins and waste substances are more effectively released from the body through the gut, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin.


Mayr Deep Detox € 935,-


Scope of services:

1 x Original Mayr detox massage

1 x Applied kinesiology test

1 x Therapeutic Yoga

1 x Colon hydrotherapy with intestinal flora boost

1 x 1 x Deep Detox Infusion

1 x Sodashi Marine Mineral Facial

1 x Salt therapy


Shed some extra weight and feel wonderfully light. With this module, you strengthen the healthy weight loss effect of your FX Mayr Cure. Stimulate your metabolism and break down fat deposits even more effectively. With high-quality therapies, individual training sessions and sound nutritional advice, we pave the way to your desired weight. Join us on this journey.


Mayr Intensive Weight Loss € 890,-


Scope of services:

2 x Altitude Training (IHHT)

1 x Nutritional consultation

1 x Personal training

1 x Aqua cycling

1 x Fat burning infusion

1 x Fatty acid profile with lipid peroxidation



Discover peace and tranquility. Your FX Mayr Cure is the perfect opportunity to reduce your stress levels and recharge your batteries. Our cure coach will be there to support you. Treat yourself to a valuable break and relax. The harmoniously coordinated relaxation and restorative therapies will make it easy for you to succeed.


Mayr Slow Down € 795,-


Scope of services:

1 x Stress release massage

1 x Acupuncture (with or without laser)

1 x Altitude Training (IHHT)

1 x Therapeutic Yoga

1 x Therapy session cure coach

1 x Slow Down Infusion


Use your FX Mayr Cure to become or stay physically active. Our certified personal trainers support you. They respond to your individual goals and give you valuable tips. So that you can be your new sporty self during training sessions with us at the Original FX Mayr and at home too. Get started!


Mayr Active Sports € 695,-


Scope of services:

2 x Personal training

2 x Aqua cycling

1 x Osteopathy

1 x Active Sports Infusion

1 x Creation of home training plan



Our MAYR RECOVERY module is quite simply a blessing for anyone longing for a reboot after the stresses and strains of lockdown or having suffered with COVID-19. This programme helps to strengthen your intestinal health and immune system to leave you feeling super charged.


Comprehensive Prelab analysis is the basis of MAYR RECOVERY. Our head physician, Dr Ursula Muntean-Rock, recommends starting the cure with results that provide very important information about the state of your immune system and your micronutrient levels. This allows us to address your individual needs in a timely and targeted manner. Round things off with perfectly coordinated treatments and therapies that restore the intestinal flora and relieve stress.


Mayr Recovery € 1.300,-




Part I Mayr Recovery

1 x Prelab analysis of the activity of the killer cells (immune system)

1 x Prelab analysis of minerals and vitamins inkl. Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin D, B6, B12, A, E and folic acid

€ 730,00 per person


Partl II Mayr Recovery

1 x Therapy session cure coach 60 min

1 x Nutritional consultation with focus on restoration of intestinal flora 60 min

1 x Intestinal flora health infusion

1 x Stress release massage 50 min

€ 595,00 per person


MAYR RECOVERY Part I and Part II: Total € 1.300,- per person


Can be booked as an addition to our MAYR Basic.





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