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June  2018


During the hot summer days, Lake Wörthersee is a swimmers’ paradise with crystal clear waters that are both refreshing and invigorating and water temperatures that can reach up to 28 degrees in high summer.

Swimming as a healthy whole body workout

Swimming is a full body workout and one of the best aerobic exercises you can do - it is low impact, works all the muscle groups, and is particularly easy on the joints and ligaments. Swimming strengthens the torso, arms and legs and benefits the cardiovascular system. The water temperature also stimulates the metabolism, because it takes more energy to regulate the body temperature.


Learn to swim or perfect your technique with our exercise therapists


Why not use your stay with us to learn how to swim, perfect your technique or improve your competition times? Our exercise therapists can design a bespoke training programme that is tailored exactly to your needs.



30 min

30 mins € 70

3 units

3 x 30 mins € 195

5 units

5 x 30 mins € 325


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