The Original FX Mayr

Vegetable bouillon: Health elixir and alkaline companion

January 2017


Others may simply call it vegetable bouillon, for us it is a health elixir. Thoroughly alkaline, rich in minerals and easily digestible, it is the ideal companion for the fasting cure. Read more about why it’s so good for us.


Homemade bouillon has been highly valued as a health elixir for generations. Not only did everyone eat it during periods of fasting, it also brought relief for many illnesses. Nowadays, people are increasingly turning their attention towards the healthy effects of bouillon. If prepared properly, it is full of nutrients and warms you from inside out.



Vegetable bouillon has always been a staple of the FX Mayr cure, which is why it enjoys a great deal of importance at our Health Center. We use many different types of root vegetables with an exceptionally intense aroma for the Original FX Mayr alkaline bouillon. It is practically calorie-free, but is rich in minerals and alkaline, making it an ideal companion at every phase of the cure, especially on the first days of fasting when the body particularly produces excess acid. The alkaline bouillon perfectly counteracts this excess.



The Original FX Mayr alkaline bouillon can be used for both fasting and detoxification. It is prepared fresh every day, and it is served in many variants in the evening, when digestive forces begin to wane. Finally, it is exceptionally easy to digest, and the light dinner provides an additional fasting effect at night.


“Homemade vegetable bouillon is the perfect evening meal. It is easy to digest and is filled with valuable nutrients. In addition, it aids the fasting period at night, making it ideal for regeneration. It improves sleep quality and naturally keeps you slim.”


Walpurga Hummitzsch



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