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March  2018


When does the body truly require support in the shape of high-quality vitamins and mineral substances? Find out more about our new products available exclusively from our Online Shop.

When humans are healthy they do not actually need any additional vitamins or mineral substances in the shape of dietary supplements.
A balanced diet rich in vitamins is completely sufficient under normal circumstances to cover the daily requirements. But that is when they are completely healthy. But if, for example, the bowels are not healthy, then they cannot absorb all the good vitamins from the diet. And this will inevitably lead to signs of deficiency.


Signs of Vitamin and Mineral Substance Deficiencies

A permanent vitamin and mineral substance deficiency can have various symptoms. A weak immune system and hair loss are common symptoms for example of a zinc deficiency.  


Dietary Supplements at The Original FX Mayr

When our guests come to us we can quickly establish any type of vitamin and mineral substance deficiency thanks to modern lab analytics. In some cases, the deficiency is very prominent. In such a case it is highly advisable to use dietary supplements in order to balance this deficiency. The temporary use supports and promotes the regeneration.


Our Original FX Mayr Products


To ensure that the dietary supplements we use at the Original FX Mayr fulfil the highest quality requirements, we have decided to develop our own product line. The results are our Original FX Mayr Products which are made from highly pure substances. When possible, we use vegan sources (especially in the case of vitamin D). We completely avoid any flavoring or fillers.

Our Dietary Supplement available from our Online Shop

  • Alkali powder
  • Potassium + Magnesium
  • Vitamin B Complex
  • Vitamin D3
  • Zinc
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Milk thistle + Artichoke


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