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January  2018


Fasting causes a number of important things to happen to us, both mentally and physically. Cell rejuvenation is triggered, fat deposits start to melt away and you go through a process of change. You find peace, both inside and out.


Many people who have never tried fasting can be a bit wary of it.  However, fasting (voluntary abstinence from food) has little in common with hunger (involuntary lack of food). Initially, you may experience a sensation of hunger during the course of a fasting cure, but after 15 hours of not eating (skipping dinner or just having pure vegetable bouillon in the evening), the cell rejuvenation process begins. The feeling of hunger means that the body is about to regenerate, so it is very positive. Take courage!


Health promotion as prime motivator

People have been fasting for thousands of years and for a variety of reasons. Today, being healthy is a big motivator and most people want to lose a few pounds or get on top of a health complaint. However, many learn that fasting can have a much more far-reaching effect in the course of their treatment.



Benefits for body and soul


There are about 180 physical mechanisms that benefit from fasting. Cell renewal kick starts, sugar and fat deposits are broken down, toxins are flushed out of the body and you lose weight.  In addition to the many physical changes and improvements, a lot goes on in your mind – and that can make fasting a mental challenge. Fasting itself brings you to greater personal awareness and topics that you avoid or ignore in everyday life can resurface. You become more aware of yourself and your body again.

A new awareness of life

Through this mindfulness, fasting opens up space for new things - a new balance and attitude to life. So, what creates the urge in us to eat in everyday life, even when we are not that hungry? Often it is habit, distraction, relaxation or a misplaced desire to treat yourself. A fasting cure offers the opportunity to get to the bottom of this question – and to find answers.




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