The Original FX Mayr

Alternating Foot Baths:  a sparkling autumn delight

October  2017


Hot and cold waters refresh tired legs and improve blood circulation - the perfect start into an autumn day.

Kneipp therapy is an important part of the FX Mayr Cure. With the hot and cold foot baths, the feet are alternately immersed in warm and cold water, right up to the calves. This alternation increases the stress response of the automatic nervous system and the cardiovascular system is activated. Its use also helps with heavy, tired and swollen legs or weak veins. Particularly in the cold winter months, it ensures pleasantly warm feet and improves circulation.


Incidentally, it was the Bavarian priest and hydrotherapist Sebastian Kneipp who, in the 19th century, made the water cures popular, known today as Kneipp therapy.




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