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You have probably already read about wild swimming - its popularity has grown and grown, especially in the past year. We have the perfect location here to venture into wintery Lake Wörthersee under the guidance of our exercise therapist Nikolai.

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Cryotherapy is highly effective and gives remarkable results. Read more about the treatment in this blog post.

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Dear Guests,

We are committed to the highest COVID-19 standards, so that you can enjoy a safe and relaxed stay in our Original FX Mayr home. Protecting and supporting your health at it’s best.


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When was the last time you felt fully relaxed and consciously took time for yourself to relax? During stressful times, it’s not unusual for us to find our mental and physical health fluctuating. Body and mind are connected which means that stress can cause our body to experience physical consequences too.

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Herbal medicine has been used for centuries, used to aid a wide range of health issues and still extremely popular today. As well as other homeopathic therapies, herbal medicine is seen to be able to treat a variety of illnesses in addition to assisting with general health.

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