The Original FX Mayr

Guest review:
Martina Klocke’s review of the Original FX Mayr

August 2017


We recently welcomed the publisher Martina Klocke, from renowned Klocke Publishing Company. Following her experience on the cure with us, she was inspired to write a short review, which we love, and want to share with you.


Fresh air, the sun on your skin, a gentle breeze in your hair: The Carinthian summer is magical and lures us out into the open. It is the perfect place to recharge your batteries, enjoy nature to the full and simply unwind. Between the shimmering waves of Lake Wörthersee and the breath-taking peaks of the Alps, we have reserved a few magical spots in the sun just for you.


HIDEAWAYS-HOTELS Collection stands for exceptional Hotels in divine destinations. The FX Mayr Health Center is also part of the HIDEAWAYS-HOTELS Collection ( Publisher Martina Klocke was recently a guest at our hotel and also used her visit for a FX Mayr cure. You can read more about her experience here:


“I was already a little sceptical – alkaline eating didn’t really sound like a very tasty cuisine and I had imagined a cure to exclusively mean days of abstinence. I must say, that firstly I found the atmosphere in the house to be extremely positive and pleasant. You instantly feel good, you’re looked after and pampered, and literally wrapped in cotton wool.


No sign of abstinence. For breakfast a delicious yoghurt, a bread roll, now and then an egg and some spread. In the morning a tasty soup and then the highlight - lunch. You wouldn’t get a better meal in a top restaurant. I was both amazed and delighted by the creativity of the chefs. Examinations: The doctors and therapists were very competent and friendly, the examinations were thorough and very informative.

Sport: From the wide selection of activities on offer, I chose water aerobics, yoga and hiking. The underwater cycling was a new experience. Very pleasant – you burn a lot of calories and barely notice the effort. Summary: I wanted to lose 2 kg and properly detoxify. The result: Without starving myself, I lost 3 kg. It was really fun and I feel a lot more energetic and fitter. Even three weeks after the cure, I felt a lot better than I had done in a long time. It is an experience that I will gladly recommend and will definitely do again.”

From: Country Style – Das Magazin für Wohnkultur und Lebensart, Issue 79



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