The Original FX Mayr

MAYR BODY BALANCE: the light and healthy approach to summer

June  2017


Reach your desired weight and maintain it, with ease! The FX Mayr cure is your first step. We will show you how to embrace a healthier lifestyle with the right combination of diet and exercise.


Many of our guests find their FX Mayr cure experience much more than just an effective way of fasting. For many, it also marks the beginning of a new approach to life, helping to give them back their confidence with their body. It also helps to create balance on a physical and mental level. Losing weight when fasting is often one of the many benefits. But the FX Mayr cure goes far beyond that. If you take it to heart and nurture its underlying healthy lifestyle, it will also provide you with a gentle and natural way to attain your desired weight - and maintain it indefinitely. Often it is enough just to make small adjustments in your way of life. A conscious and balanced diet and some exercise can work wonders.


Yoga is far more than just exercise. Tailored to your specific goals, we can teach you a range of flows and postures from different yoga styles in our special "Mayr Body Balance". We know the power of regular exercise during the cure, so we offer various forms of exercise in gym and outside with a hope you will integrate some of what you have learned into your everyday life. Whilst yoga can bring balance and invigorate your body, meditation strengthens body and mind during regeneration. You focus your breathing, direct your energy and refuel. Your trainer also creates a training plan that is tailored to your personal needs for the post-treatment period. Your personalised plan and our popular yoga videos are for you to keep and take home with you.



During your stay with us we will support you in your first steps towards a healthier quality of life. The Original Mayr Cuisine is one of the most important key elements to this. Every day, we serve healthy, delicious dishes that will provide you with all the essential nutrients and minerals you need. This is of vital importance during your cure. But even in the days afterwards, it is well worth letting the principles of the Original Mayr Cuisine work their way into your everyday routine. In order to make it easier for you, we will teach you the basics during our cooking workshop. We will also share some of our recipes so you can try them out at home.




Mayr Body Balance Achieve greater lightness

with nutrition and exercise



3 x Therapeutic Yoga (à 50 minutes)

1 x Outdoor Yoga at the beach (50 minutes)

1 x Meditation (50 minutes)

Training plan including yoga instruction to continue at home

Participation in one of our weekly cookery workshops


640,00 EUR per person

Exclusive of accommodation, bookable in addition to the Mayr Basic or Mayr Classic programm.



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