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Finding out where you stand, together with the doctor. Setting goals. Planning the route. Daring to take those first steps. And continuing with determination.

Place yourself in the safe hands of our doctors and therapists. They are acknowledged specialists in their respective fields and are there for you for the entire duration of your cure stay. From the initial to the final examination, they will look after you individually and support you. In all the phases of your cure.

Dr Ursula Muntean-Rock

Head physician


 What guests most appreciate, as well as her medical expertise, is her empathy and charm. She considers Mayr medicine to be the key to gut health and the cornerstone of physical wellbeing. A dedicated physician, she also has a wealth of experience in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


“Here, I can live and breathe my passion for Mayr medicine to the max, and I’m delighted and thrilled to be able to draw upon my experience as a TCM physician. For me, Mayr medicine is one of the most wonderful forms of treatment, since it can help a great many people very effectively and without side effects. Guiding people such that they are encouraged to adopt a healthier lifestyle can prevent a multitude of illnesses. Mayr’s diagnostic investigations often make it possible to identify and treat the root causes of long-standing complaints. Mayr medicine is a state-of-the-art approach that is internationally recognised and continuously evolving. I am delighted to continue working within the parameters of this forward-looking medical approach adopted by Mayr medicine.”


Specialisations: FX Mayr medicine, TCM (Chinese diagnostics, herbal therapy, acupuncture) first-aid trainer, applied kinesiology

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Dr Karin Hamböck

Deputy head physician


Dr Hamböck has been working in our clinic in her capacity as a Mayr physician for over 10 years and is now an indispensable part of our team. She brings a great deal of experience and skill to her role and supports our guests with empathy as they progress through the cure. She has internalised the holistic approach intrinsic to Mayr medicine, advocating it wholeheartedly, intelligently and passionately; innumerable enthused guests have benefited from her expertise.


“I commenced my Mayr training while I was still a student, as I suffered from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and migraine. It was at that time that I also underwent my very first FX Mayr cure, and I was totally floored by the result: I didn’t have a single migraine attack for a whole year. All in all, I am continually astonished by how different people are and how diverse the causes of similar medical conditions can be. This is why it is also so important for me to holistically map the anamneses and causes of these medical conditions. Kinesiological testing is particularly helpful here.”


Specialisations: FX Mayr medicine, kinesiological testing, orthomolecular medicine, Bach Flower Remedies, occupational medicine

Dr Carmen Castellarin


Dr Carmen Castellarin is a general practitioner with renowned empathy and motivation. She is a firm advocate of the Mayr treatment regimens, which she finds to be the perfect blend of conventional medicine combined with a holistic approach. The cure continues to evolve and, today, has become more relevant and necessary than at any time in the past.


“Because of my grounding in psychosomatic and psychosocial medicine, I know how intimate the interplay is between body, mind and personal circumstances and the potential that can be unlocked for the overall system by implementing even minor changes. Our residential Mayr cure doesn’t just offer our guests the ideal environment in which to improve their health in the short term; it is also perfect for imbibing strategies for long-term lifestyle changes.”


Specialisations: FX Mayr medicine, psychosomatic medicine, psychosocial medicine, emergency care


Dr Andreas Stock is a Mayr physician to his core. What initially fascinated him about Mayr treatment regimens is how they can be used to help cure a multitude of lifestyle diseases at an early stage. He has been working with us at the Original FX Mayr clinic since 2013, showing our guests how to improve their health and their quality of life.

“We hold the key to health in our own hands. An FX Mayr cure is, without doubt, an important first step towards a healthy lifestyle. However, it is after the cure – when our guests return to their daily routines – that things start to get really interesting for them. This is why it is important for people to take the time, even while the cure is under way, to start reflecting upon old habits that they would like to change going forward and new ones that they would like to introduce into their lives.”

Specialisations: FX Mayr medicine, acupuncture (particularly in smoking cessation), applied kinesiology


Dr Alexander Todoroff has gained a huge amount of experience in the course of his professional career. A specialist in general and abdominal surgery, as well as a former gastro-oesophageal reflux and obesity deputy departmental head, he is aware of the numerous problems associated with the digestive system. A sports enthusiast, family man and passionate Mayr physician, Dr Todoroff  considers digestive problems to be widespread.

“It is specifically when there are issues with the digestive system that Mayr medicine comes into its own and offers a number of ways to achieve excellent results in combination with conventional medicine. After all, the gut is crucial for good health, and the fasting regimens recommended by FX Mayr positively impact gut health in a number of ways. Adherence to the cure is an important, indispensable way of achieving our aspiration of remaining healthy and active into our old age.”

Specialisations: FX Mayr medicine, Gastroscopy and colonoscopy, specialist in general and abdominal surgery, emergency medicine, diploma in sports medicine


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Dr Elka Wrolich


Mother to three active boys, she developed a preference for Mayr medicine early on and was especially drawn to how it considers each individual holistically. Today, she supports and mentors our guests in their quest to galvanise their powers of self-healing through fasting and to engage body, mind and spirit so as to steadily boost equilibrium.


“I consider it especially important to be mindful of and attentive to word choice when engaging with our guests. That’s why I steer the conversation away from negative habits and trains of thought and favour healing and nurturing thought processes instead. In my medical practice, I like to focus on fundamentals. This also includes sensitively and tactfully recognising the areas in which the guest still needs support. The best moment of all for me is when, towards the end of the cure, our guests’ eyes light up in that special way: it’s evident then that the seed that has been sown has begun to sprout.”


Specialisations:  FX Mayr treatment regimens, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) (Chinese diagnostics, herbal therapy, acupuncture), kinesiological testing



Dr Georg Kettenhuber has been an FX Mayr doctor for many years and has earned an excellent reputation internationally. His FX Mayr medical career has taken him from Tyrol to Tenerife and then back to Austria in recent years. Since beginning of the year 2020 he has started at the Original FX Mayr – a place that he has known and admired for a number of years now.


"I’m constantly fascinated by the effectiveness of the ‘cure’– and how it can be used to achieve so many successful medical outcomes. With Mayr medicine you can assist the body into doing something for itself, improve the immune system, improve sleep, improve the skin, firm up tissue and much more. Simply slowing down, self-reflection, and introspection often produce amazing results."



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