04. March 2016

The Flow: Power-source for Body and Spirit

The Flow at the FX Mayr Health Center Austria Wörthersee

Feel what you are capable of. The Flow is a new exercise concept which we offer exclusively in our Health Center. The combination of yoga and moderate interval training awakens physical and spiritual strength you might not have been aware you had.

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04. March 2016

The Alkaline Cure – the Cookbook

The Alkaline Cure – the Cookbook from Dr. Stephan Domenig,Head Physician Original FX Mayr Health Center

Seasonal, tasty and healthy: Our Head Physician, Dr. Stephan Domenig, and Chef, Heinz Erlacher, have assembled over 100 delicious recipes for you in their new cookbook. For a balanced diet, improved health and wellbeing.

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Health through fasting and detox

Feel welcome. Jettison ballast. Discover the joy of life. In the original.

Yes, we are the original. Over 40 years ago, the world‘s first centre for FX Mayr medicine opened here in Dellach on Lake Wörthersee. Here is the source. And the future.

In our house, rich in tradition, you will find a sheltered retreat in which you can take the first steps on a voyage of self-discovery. A place of purification, detoxification and renewal. A tranquil atmosphere in which you can really breathe. And people to accompany and guide you on your journey.

The FX Mayr Health Center

Cleanse your body. Order your thoughts. Find new paths.

Enjoy an entirely new sensation. The FX Mayr cureis your key. Targeted fasting and conscious abstinence make a new lightness possible. You gain a new awareness of your body, more attentiveness and balance.

Our doctors and therapists develop a programme specifically designed for you. An individual, holistic concept comprised of nutrition, movement and treatments at the highest level. In addition to the classic FX Mayr cure, we offer various coordinated key treatment areas tailored to your current needs.