Yes, we are the original. Over 40 years ago, the world's first centre for FX Mayr medicine opened here in Dellach on Lake Wörthersee. Here is the source. And the future.

In our house, rich in tradition, you will find a sheltered retreat in which you can take the first steps on a voyage of self-discovery. A place of purification, detoxification and renewal. A tranquil atmosphere in which you can really breathe. And people to accompany and guide you on your journey.

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F. X. Mayr

The best medicine of all is fasting

The knowledge of fasting as a method of healing is as old as the history of mankind. The original F.X. Mayr health cure is a proven physiological therapeutic method of fasting. Read More >

Health Center

Customised medical care

Our medical director, Dr. Stephan Domenig, attaches great importance to individually tailored medical care. Our medical services include complementary medicine, conventional medicine and aesthetic medicine.
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Enjoy an entirely new sensation. The FX Mayr cure is your key. Targeted fasting and conscious abstinence make a new lightness possible. You gain a new awareness of your body, more attentiveness and balance.
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Exercise therapy


Movement brings strength, energy and pleasure into our lives.

Together with the patient, our sport scientists create an individually tailored exercise program, both for the health cure and afterwards. Read More >



03. February 2015

Spring freshness: Fast and Flourish

Fasten mit FX Mayr Health Center Österreich Wörthersee

How are your New Year's resolutions for 2015 going? The year has only just begun - start now and turn your good resolutions into reality with us.

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