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We are here for you. Take time for a little break to strengthen your health and immune system, to fast, to regenerate and to draw new strength. It has never been so important to pay attention to the intestinal health and to bring it into balance. We are committed to the highest COVID-19 standards, so that you can enjoy a safe and relaxed stay in our Original FX Mayr home. We look forward to welcoming you back to Lake Wörthersee.  


For entering Austria and for a stay in our house - proofs are no longer required.







"Take the time to relax and discover a new zest for life, improve well-being, health and balance - during your break at the Original FX Mayr. Your stay at our house on Lake Wörthersee is the perfect opportunity to take stock of yourself and ideal for breaking old habits."


Gabriella Schnitzler

A place for regeneration



The FX Mayr cure helps you achieve a lightness in your gut through fasting and conscious abstinence. You will become more aware of your body and enjoy greater balance and health. Our experienced doctors and therapists create for you a totally individual cure programme, which holistically combines medical treatment, nutrition, exercise and awareness training. Not only for the time of your cure, but beyond to ensure sustained success.


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Mayr Basic

Take a break from your daily routine.
Reduce your stress.
Relax and unwind.
Feel healthier.

With the 7-day Mayr Basic programme, you take the first steps towards a permanent new awareness of life. Treat yourself to a valuable break, reset and rid yourself of unnecessary baggage. Allow yourself to relax, regenerate and recharge your batteries in our beautifully tranquil surroundings.

€ 1.750,- for 7 days per person excl. accommodation

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Enjoy Original FX Mayr products at home too. Our shop offers FX Mayr cure products for nutrition and medicine as well as a selection of high-quality beauty and lifestyle products. For use during your cure and of course afterwards.

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