The Original FX Mayr




Dr med. Franz Xaver Mayr

Dr med. Franz Xaver Mayr (1875 - 1965) was the founder of the FX Mayr cure. The diagnosis and treatment which are named after him, as well as his medical concepts, were already revolutionary at the turn of the century - and are still integral parts of the cure at our house today.




Through long years of medical study and targeted observation, Dr Mayr arrived at the conclusion that a healthy intestine represents the key to health and beauty. He concentrated on the digestive apparatus in the treatment of his patients and, around 1901, developed the FX Mayr cure. Today the FX Mayr cure has evolved into a recognised method, seen as an ideal extension of academic medicine.

Dr med. Erich Rauch

Dr med. Erich Rauch (1922–2003) was one of the most notable students of Franz Xaver Mayr. Born in Graz, he came to know and treasure Mayr during his training as a general practitioner. As a result, Rauch continued to develop the Mayr form of diagnosis and his regeneration therapies.




On the 15th of October 1976, together with the German entrepreneur Rolf Deyhle, Erich Rauch founded the first stationary centre for the FX Mayr cure - today, the Original FX Mayr in Dellach. As Head Physician, Dr Erich Rauch helped countless guests to improved quality of life and better health. He also authored many standard reference works on Mayr medicine acknowledged around the world - including 'The Mild Derivative Diet'.

The house

The history of our house began in 1936. It was then that the British Royal family chose the brand new timber-frame building directly on the shores of Lake Wörthersee as their holiday home. Over the years the charming house was redesigned as a hotel and, for decades, hosted prominent guests from all over the world.



In the mid-1970s the building was renovated completely and was given a new task and a new philosophy. Here, on the 15th of October 1976, the world's first Health Center for FX Mayr medicine opened its doors for the first time. Its founders were the most known FX Mayr students: Dr med. Erich Rauch and the German entrepreneur Rolf Deyhle.


Dr Rauch was Head Physician of the centre for many years and continued to develop Mayr's concept here. Over the last few decades numerous renowned FX Mayr doctors have enjoyed their training here. Then as now, ours is the first address for FX Mayr medicine.The beauty of the original timber-frame building has been preserved up to today. The walls breathe, the stairs creak and the wood shifts. The Alpine architecture creates a homely, cosy atmosphere. Constant renovation and modernisation, with careful thought and special care, preserve this wonderful, lived-in piece of history.



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