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The cure inspires you to be more aware. Fasting opens up space for new things. It is time for change. Our well-being coach is here to provide you with the invaluable support you need.

After over 40 years’ intensive experience with the Mayr Cure, we know that unresolved conflicts can resurface during the cure. The cure facilitates physical, mental and emotional development. Fasting, healing, silence and a steady rhythm can allow you to reconnect with yourself. Issues that you may not devote enough time to during your daily live are given space again. It is an opportunity to find a sense of self again, to respect and perceive your self in a completely new light.


In day-to-day life we often lose contact with ourselves. Our well-being coach helps to reflect on your life situation, get rid of “mental” baggage and focus on looking forward. Together, you will develop strategies, which will allow you to pursue your goals in the long term, so that your quality of life can improve. New perspectives open up, and a new awareness of your body and new order can be established. You will learn how to put stressful issues to one side and to relax. You find out what makes you feel good and which aspects of life need adjusting or perhaps even changing. With our well-being coaching, we will support you on your path towards a new awareness of life and more mindfulness, for yourself and your surroundings. Mindfulness is the key to change and allows you to open yourself up and take new decisions. 




Claudia Waldner is our well-being coach at the Original FX Mayr Health Center and is here to support you with tried and tested coping tools. She supports you in finding your individual inner order and recovering a stable sense of well-being. During the cure - and afterwards too, as you can even speak with your well-being coach via Skype when you return home.



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