The Original FX Mayr




With the FX Mayr cure and a balanced diet you create an important base stone for a healthy, balanced life. You can continue to feel the longed for well-being found with us easily in your daily life. With the Original Mayr Cuisine and a careful eating culture it is much easier than you may think.


The Original Mayr Cuisine is unbelievably varied and created from a wide range of repertoires in foodstuffs. As the body needs nutrition - just in the right balance. Your cells are given the best nutrition. Your digestion can work perfectly. You will be filled with energy and vitality and feel fully nourished.


Thanks to our Silent Eating and the accompanying soothing calm during meal times you will discover an entirely new eating culture which you will be happy to take home. Open yourself up for something new. Enjoy every moment. It is worth it!





The motto of our kitchen is balance and order. We want to show you how even small changes towards a balanced diet can lead to big differences. We therefore serve you tasty and lovingly created dishes according to the individual needs of your body for every meal time which are worth enjoying consciously.


Our kitchen team demonstrate with great commitment how tasty healthy and lighter food can be delicious. Soups, spreads and light meals will win you over not just through the various aromas but also their presentation. Digestive juices start flowing even before the first bite and the stomach is perfectly prepared to absorb nutrition.

Our fresh, warm buck wheat bread rolls are waiting for you at breakfast. Consuming these with alternating vegetarian spreads or an egg trains appreciative, slow chewing. We also provide you with a glass of sheep's milk yoghurt which has a positive effect on the flora in the stomach and supplies you with animal protein.

Mid-morning we treat you to our freshly prepared vegetable bouillon which waits for you in the dining hall in a kettle.


During lunch time the individual needs of our guests are of particular importance. According to the personal goal of your cure, we serve you everything from fine, creamy soups to complete light meals, precisely what is good for you. Harmoniously seasoned and prepared with love.


In the evening we energise you with a tasty bouillon, depending on your constitution and in discussion with your doctor.



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