The Original FX Mayr


March 2018



A fasting cure such as the FX Mayr is quite demanding. Yet, the rewards for the body and soul to experience a new lease of life are incredible.

The Original FX Mayr Cure is the beginning of a new health journey. If guests choose to continue on this path, integrating the most important elements into their daily life, this will have numerous positive effects.


1. The FX Mayr Cure as a well of vitality

One of the most beneficial effects of the FX Mayr Cure is that it acts like a fountain of youth. Though we cannot halt the ageing process, longer term a balanced diet can maintain the acid-alkaline balance of the body and this leads to a healthy, youthful appearance. The skin gains greater elasticity, hair becomes shiny and nails grow stronger.


2. Achieving a natural body weight

An FX Mayr Cure helps you reach your natural body weight. The balanced diet supports you in losing weight and getting into better shape. Toxins are removed during the cure; the digestive system is cleansed and the metabolism improved. . 


3. More energy and vitality

Fatigue, drowsiness, and exhaustion are often linked to industrially processed, protein-containing, acid-forming foods which are hard to digest. Our digestion then requires a lot of energy to process these substances. As soon as the metabolism starts to recuperate during the cure, the digestive motor can start anew. Thanks to a conscious diet and the restored energy supply and excretion, your vitality will return. The blood can better distribute oxygen throughout the organism. A balanced diet stabilizes the energy level during the entire day. Your improved sleep will provide you with additional drive.


4. Feeling full and constipation are reduced

Spurred by the FX Mayr Cure you will work together with your bowels – and not against them. If you consume enough liquid and chew thoroughly, you will facilitate the work of the stomach and bowels, thereby preventing an unpleasant sense of feeling full and bloated.


5. Improved mood and brain function

Your mood will improve and you will feel more positive and less stressed. A cure and the ensuing balanced diet will help you restore the acid and alkaline equilibrium. What is more, the cure is intended to support you in finding a positive work-life balance, pursuing sports moderately as well as reducing the consumption of alcohol, caffeine, and industrially-processed products. By combining various foods which contain vitamins and minerals, you will also support your brain function.


6. Help with food intolerance

Many types of food intolerance are the consequences of inflammation in the abdomen. Strong reactions to wheat gluten, milk protein, peanuts, etc. are no longer uncommon. During the cure, the foods which cause these reactions are identified and avoided. The organism is cleansed and it can rest. Afterwards it can then be restored with a healthy, energy-laden diet.


7. Strong bones and joints

During the cure, one can sense the aching of muscles and joints start to subside. A so-called alkaline diet can help prevent osteoporosis by supporting the bone formation with alkalising minerals. Healthy bones require a combination of a basic milieu, vitamin D, calcium and stabilising training.




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