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What is a body shaping treatment and how does it work


November 2021


Body contouring can be traced back to as far as the 1920s, with strong roots in the invention of liposuction. The concept of fat removal or reduction has been around for a while, rising in popularity as time goes on.

These non-surgical ‘body shaping’ treatments are a way for individuals to target their insecurities without the commitment or recovery of surgery. Say goodbye to risky procedures and hello to a healthier and fresher feeling you.

What is body shaping?

Typically, when talking about body shaping, it is referring to treatments that destroy excess fat cells your body may have. This is always without surgery and works by freezing off said fat cells. Other non-invasive producers can use heat through radio-frequency or even ultrasound therapy.

Body shaping can be done on many different parts of the body, including your stomach, upper or lower thighs, your bottom or your arms. We always recommend completing a number of sessions to really see those rejuvenating results.

What is a body shaping treatment?

As mentioned above, the body shaping treatments all work in a very similar way. Breaking down the fat cells in your body and reducing the appearance of fat / bloating on targeted areas, leaving your feeling refreshed right to your core. Whether the treatment utilises heat, ultrasounds or a cooling method, the body shaping treatments we offer will diminish your fat cells considerably.

The longer you stay with us at Original FX Mayr, the more outstanding the results will be. Not only will you look better, but you will also feel more confident and your skin will have that radiant glow that so many of us are after. Feeling beautiful on the inside and out can be difficult, but once you experience one of our amazing body shaping treatments and put yourself in the capable hands of our beauty experts, you’ll understand what all the fuss is about.

Treatments we offer

Here at Original FX Mayr, we offer a range of body shaping treatments which can help you target the areas you want.

In our ‘body packages’, we have the Bodyregeneration CO2 treatments, which helps increase the uptake of oxygen that you have in your blood. This improves the lymphatic flow. For this method, we use a relaxing and dry carbon dioxide bath which aids in combating any unwanted cellulite or fat deposits.

If you’re looking to promote elasticity in your skin and sculpt your body, then the LPG Endermology treatment could be the right match for you. This natural, gentle and pain-free method uses mechanical stimulation to firm your skin whilst stimulating the natural fat metabolism. In addition, we activate the blood and lymph circulation and ensure that collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are built up.

We recommend three treatments for optimal, clearly visible and long-lasting results. The face area is a popular concern, which is why we offer treatments that solely target this portion of your body. Our Ultratone Face looks at strengthening and lifting the face and body. The gentle electro-stimulation strengthens the muscles, stimulating the lymph system and tautens problem areas. After just five applications, Ultratone Face delivers great results, offering the effects of a moderate face-lift without surgery.

What can I expect with results?

Depending on what treatment you go for and which area of the body you are looking to target, you will see a different level of results. Our team can offer advice when it comes to how many sessions you may need and what results this procedure will deliver.

All the body shaping treatments we have to offer are 100% non invasive, meaning you are able to get the results without the need for surgery. Whilst some of our hot and cold treatments might include some slight stinging or burning sensation, these sessions are extremely short. For results, we assess your needs and what you are looking to achieve.

Body shaping treatments can help you with appearing more toned, through body contouring, eliminate fat, stimulate your metabolism and tighten your skin.



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